School Counseling Department

Special Education

Mission Statement/Philosophy:

The Special Education Department, with the assistance of parents, teachers and administrators, strives to provide an environment in which each student is provided with effective instruction, ample opportunities for academic success and the ability to thrive in the school community. It is our desire to see each student become life-long learners who will grow to become self-reliant and socially responsible members of the community.


Nicole Cox
Special Education Coordinator

914-762-5760 ext. 2393

Alexa Achon-Cabrera
Bilingual Psychologist

914-762-5760 ext. 2367

Kellie Ishmael
School Psychologist

914-762-5760 ext. 2305

General fax number: 914-941-5265

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Special Topic: Students with Learning Disabilities and Exceptionalities

Use this series of linked questions and answers to help guide you through some of the most frequently asked questions regarding students with learning disabilities and exceptionalities.

  1. What are the laws and implications for students with disabilities at the college/technical school setting? answer
  2. What are the rights and responsibilities of colleges/technical schools? answer
  3. What are the rights and responsibilities of the student once they reach the college/technical school setting? answer
  4. What are some important questions to consider/ask when trying finding the right college/technical school for my child? answer
  5. What is the procedure for providing documentation to the college/technical school my child has decided to attend? answer
  6. Can my child be successful at the college/technical school level? answer
  7. What are some important steps my child should be doing both before and after they reach the college/technical school setting? answer

Attention Students with Disabilities

Remember that if you received testing accommodations on school based exams and wish to receive the same on your standardized test (PSAT, SAT/Subject Tests/ACT/AP exams), you must be approved for those accommodations through the College Board and ACT. There is a form that needs to be filled out by you and your parent and given to your counselor at least two months in advance of testing. Completing this form does not guarantee that you will receive accommodations, but allows the College Board or ACT to review whether you are eligible.