Ossining Athletics Department

Uniform/Equipment Policy

Uniforms and Equipment:

  1. The cost of uniforms and athletic equipment increases each year. Our athletes are equipped with the best we can supply within the athletic-budget. No one should keep any equipment after the season is concluded. The student athlete and his or her parents/guardian are financially responsible for all equipment issued. By your signature on the athletic contract you are guaranteeing that the district will be reimbursed for the replacement value of the equipment should the athlete fail to return an item issued. The equipment must be paid for within one week of the season's completion. Please keep your uniform at home on non-game days.

  2. A student athlete who has not returned equipment from a previous season will not be allowed to participate in another sport until the items are returned.

  3. The student athlete is expected to take pride in his/her appearance by keeping the uniform clean. Uniforms may not be altered without permission of the coach.