Ossining Athletics Department

How To Get Involved

Getting Involved in School Sports

Interested in becoming a part of a sports team at AMD or Ossining High School? Please take the following steps:

  1. Speak with your Physical Education teacher about your interest. They will guide you in the right direction or will direct you to the Athletics Department Office for further information.

  2. For medical clearance, you must have a physical examination on file that has been completed within 12 months of when the sports season starts. Records of a recent physical may be filed with the nurse or you may schedule an appointment with the school doctor in the Nurse's Office.

  3. Sign up with the school nurse each season prior to sports participation. You must complete 3 forms that may be picked up at the Nurse's Office at AMD or Ossining High School: the Interscholastic Athletic Consent Form, the Medical History Questionnaire, and the Interscholastic Athletic Agreement.

  4. Any student that is academically eligible (see Academic Success Program) in grades 7-12 may try out for an interscholastic team upon receiving medical clearance.

When trying to get involved in school sports, please be aware of the following:

  1. There are 3 sports seasons and you can only participate on one team each season.

  2. Sport offerings are listed by season and level on our website.

  3. We offer teams at the modified level (7th-8th grade teams), Junior Varsity (9th- 10th grade teams), and Varsity (11th-12th grade teams). However, students with exceptional athletic ability may participate on upper level teams. AMD students will need to pass the selection classification test in order to participate on higher level teams (see website for more information of selection classification tests).

  4. If you are a newcomer to the school and miss the deadline, you must speak directly with your PE teacher and/or coach to make the necessary arrangements.