Claremont Elementary



Dear Claremont School Families,

I am so honored to introduce myself as the principal of Claremont School.  As you may know Claremont School is known for our dedication to students and families.  Our feeling is that Claremont Builds Community. Over the years I have worked in Ossining as a teacher, a math coach and a building administrator. My passion is working with and learning about our amazing Ossining students.  I plan on spending time with your children, learning their names, their learning style and their interests. Each morning you will find me greeting students as they enter Claremont, ensuring they hear a welcome from me to encourage them to have a great day.  

Not only am I looking forward to working with our Claremont students, but I also look forward to working with you as well.  In order to cultivate a community of learners we cannot work alone. Together we will build a community of learners, dreamers and do’ers. I cannot wait to share the great things your children will do throughout the year.  Please ensure you sign up for O-Blast and follow me on Twitter (@ferzeen_shamsi.  

Our goal at Claremont is to ensure your child has a happy, healthy and safe experience.  We want to encourage children to stretch their brains as they delve into literature, science, math and global studies.  We will teach them that it is ok to make mistakes, as long as you never stop trying to meet your goals. We will lend support in helping your child persist, persevere and have grit when faced with a challenging task. Learning how to show kindness, and be a friend will help them develop citizenship, as one day they will be leaders in our nation. Embracing our diversity and tapestry of experiences and cultures will help all to have a true sense of belonging.  We will work tirelessly to ensure all children have the best possible experiences. I look forward to getting to know you and your children.


Ferzeen Shamsi

Claremont School; Principal