First Steps Services

Does Literacy really begin at birth?

For children ages 0 to 4, "literacy" takes the form of enrichment. This is provided through a language-rich, stimulating environment. Research shows that children who are exposed to early literacy experiences such as: conversation, poems, stories, books, singing - from infancy, enter school better able to begin to read. Some families can provide early literacy experiences with minimal outside resources while some families must rely on the community. First Steps offers all families this enrichment.

How can we help parents?

Parents of young children often worry and feel stressed about the care they are able to offer their children. The developmental needs of infants and toddlers can be overwhelming particularly when a family struggles financially. Our first effort in helping parents is to acknowledge with them the difficulties that come with raising little children and offer genuine, neighborly support and friendship.

Second, we would like to offer advice and suggestions from the "professionals" on all those questions that concern parents. Third, we want to consider together whether there is a need to seek out available services. Fourth, we hope to help parents consider their own educational and vocational goals and support them to pursue these.

What services do we offer?

Mommy/Daddy and Me Events

Please join us for our Friday programs held at Park Early childhood Center (see calendar of events)

"First Steps to Literacy - A Book A Day"

Parents read daily to their children, this promotes literacy and establishes a reading habit.
At the end of the school year we hold a celebration for families who have completed the reading campaign acknowledging this important accomplishment.

Play Group

Some of our 2 year olds take part in a weekly program to stimulate language and learning for toddlers. 2014/15 registration is now complete. Please be on the lookout for information for next year.

Little School / La Escuelita

1/2 day Interactive nursery program for 3 year olds that meets four times a week. Enrollment for Little School is based on family need as we are able to serve a limited number of children. Registration for 2015/16 school year is now closed. Little School is for children who will be 3 years old on or before December 1, 2015. For information call 914-373-4882. We are closed for the summer.