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The Nurses here in Ossining are happy to assist your children during school. Our health website has valuable information for you to review. Included on this site are medication forms, physical exam forms, health related policies & guidelines, as well as educational information. Sports information can be found on the Athletics Department webpage.

Although we hope your child will not miss a single day of school, there are times when it is best for your child, and the other students as well, to remain at home. Please review the guidelines "When to keep your children at home."

Please keep us up to date on any allergies or medical conditions your child may have, and contact us with any questions or concerns.

Download the OUFSD Health Services Booklet: English | Español

Thank you,
Alyson Perriott, BS, RN, CDE
Nurse Coordinator 

Important Health Notice

As we prepare for the 2021 – 2022 school year, please be aware of the following health requirements:

New York State requires physical exams for all new entrants, and students entering Grades Pre-K or K, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11 in September 2021.

Physical exams must be dated 9/2/2020 or after to be valid for the 2021 - 2022 school year.  
Physical exams must be done on the mandated NYS health exam form or the required EHR equivalent.  Click here for the Required NYS School Health Exam form.

Please note:  If you did not submit your child’s physical exam in the required grade for the 2020-2021 school year, you have until September 1, 2021 to obtain and submit the required health examination.

Click here for the current New York State Immunization Requirements for School Attendance.   

Students that require medication at school must have the following form(s) completed by their health care provider each school year:   

Medication Form 
Allergy Action Plan

Please click here for OUFSD Reopening Health & Wellness/COVID-19 Resources

Please click here for Coronavirus (COVID-19) information. 

Please click here for 2021-2022 Immunization Requirements

Please click here for Flu Information (English);  Spanish



Contact Information

Park Early Childhood Center
Lovelyn Bartel, BSN, RN 
914-762-5850 Ext. 6304

Brookside School
Tammy Murray, BSN, RN 
914-762-5780 Ext. 5304

Claremont Elementary School
Ellen Kane, BS, RN 
914-762-5830 Ext. 4304

Roosevelt School
Alyson Perriott, BS, RN, CDE
914-762-2682 Ext. 1304

Anne M. Dorner Middle School
Muriel Grimes, BSN, RN
914-762-5740 Ext. 3304 

Ossining High School
Analia Cavajani, RN
914-762-5760 Ext. 2304