Ossining Basics

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Our Ossining Basics Kickoff on December 5th was a great success! View a message from Superintendent Sanchez about our Ossining Basics Kickoff here. View our "I support the Ossining Basics" video here


We have a huge opportunity!  Let's do this together!

If we maximize our children's brain development and learning when they are very young, we can dramatically increase the possibility that they will be able to achieve their hopes and dreams (and our hopes and dreams for them).

View our parent resource booklets.

Infant Booklet- English

Infant Booklet- Spanish

Toddler Booklet- English

Toddler Booklet- Spanish  

Learn about our 5 Principles by clicking the video links below.

Principle 1- Maximize Love, Manage Stress

Principle 2- Talk, Sing, and Point

Principle 3- Count, Group and Compare

Principle 4- Explore Through Movement and Play

Principle 5- Read and Discuss Stories 

Spanish Overview

Principio 1

Principio 2

Principio 3

Principio 4

Principio 5